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1. During the production process, spare parts with glass, glass tools, and countertops with glass should not be used;
2. If the product produced does require glassy accessories, strict control of the glass accessories is required, including the receipt and dispatch of auxiliary parts, and the inspection of accessories to ensure the integrity of the accessories;
3. The water cup of the employee shall be placed in the drinking water unit and shall not be brought into the production area;
4, the glass window should be installed firmly; and all the windows, partitions, lamps, clocks and other parts of the workshop glass and transparent hard plastics are registered, checked and recorded daily;
5. It is strictly forbidden for employees to carry glass objects with no work to the production site, such as cosmetic mirrors and plane mirrors;
6. On-site maintenance (including replacement of lamps, glass, parts and other sporadic maintenance), the finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, and tools should be thoroughly cleaned before the repair, and the site is thoroughly cleaned and the tools are inspected before production.

China Yafu Glassware Co., Ltd. Certifications
Standard: SGS
Number: SHHL 1909052193CW - SH
Issue Date: 2019-09-20
Expiry Date: 2022-09-20
Scope/Range: 玻璃瓶
Issued By: SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Service(Shanghai) Co.,LTD
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